Secret recipe of pasta made in the home

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The secret recipe of pasta made in the home

In the tradition make “homemade pasta” represented a real ritual that united entire families. This practice hands down the passion and the secret of preparation from generation to generation. Were used only two simple and genuine ingredients, water and flour, to enjoy a great family meal.

Our desire is to continue to pass on this passion but above all to make our ancient traditions known and let you live an authentic and inviting experience. Homemade pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce is one of the classic recipes of our territory and preparing it takes time and passion.

For this reason it will be good to start from the preparation of meat balls and tomato sauce made exclusively with the puree of fresh tomatoes picked from our garden. To season the homemade pasta that we will prepare we will reveal the secret recipe that makes our meatballs tasty and soft and that makes the tomato sauce so savory.

With the irresistible aroma of the sauce left to simmer and guided by the expert hands of our housewives, we will reminisce the ancient traditions of local cuisine.

We will teach our “aspiring Salentine cooks” to mix water and flour to make three different kinds of pasta: the typical orecchiette, maccheroni and the tasty “sagne n’cannulate”.

During the workshop it will be a pleasure to tell you about our land and to answer to your questions and curiosity. After the careful and delectable preparation of the meatballs sauce and the homemade pasta we will taste this typical meal with an excellent glass of local wine.

It’s advisable to book the experience in advance

Minimum 2 partecipants

Children up to 6 years free of charge

Places of experiences: Don Agostino Relais Masseria

Duration: 3 hours

Included in the price: Cooking class with preparation of orecchiette, maccheroni and sagne ncannulate – The materials required for the preparation and development – Dinner with tasting – Glass of local wine


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