Virtual cooking experience with grandma Concettina and Don Agostino Family

Can’t you get to Italy but you wold like to find out all the secrets of the homemade pasta told by a real Italian grandmother?

How about showing up your family cooking a typical dish of Apulian cuisine?

Well, this is the virtual experience for you.

We love to share the secrets of the mixture and of the processing, getting carried away by the beauty of the wise gestures of the dear grandma Concettina but above all we love to let you know and discover the goodness of the traditional dishes  of the Apulian cuisine, staying comfortably in the comfort of your own home, in an atmosphere of conviviality.

We are going to open the doors of our Masseria to prepare together, from simple and genuine raw material, sagne ncannulate, orecchiette and maccheroni. We will tell you our stories, we will laugh,  we will have fun cooking and we will guide you in the preparation of our favorite recipes, like you are part of our family.

Before the lesson we will send you a shopping list of the ingredients to buy and we will indicate all the utensils that you could need to cook. Don’t worry! Probably in your kitchen you have everything we need.

Booking the experience in streaming live of 2 hours, you will receive a discount coupon of 10% to use

for your next stay in Don Agostino Relais Masseria.

We are waiting for you!

Unique experience


For all the month of October the Don Agostino Relais Masseria open its doors to all those who are curious and passionate about flavors. We organize a culinary tour in the tradition with the preparation and the tasting of dishes of the local culture matched with a glass of good bio wine. It’s an important occasion to learn more about raw material of Salento, about all the tricks of the trade with the help and the virtuosity of our women. Our guest will have the occasion to relax in the Relais, to sip a good wine and to lose yourself in the preparation of traditional dishes. And finally the tasting of the dishes. Admission is free upon reservation. It’s possible to combine the experience “OPEN KITCHEN” to a peaceful stay in our original rooms.

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