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We offer to our guests authentic Historic Houses dating from the 1500, located near MASSERIA DON AGOSTINO, in the neighbouring towns of Carpignano Salentino and Corigliano d’Otranto. The small towns are part of those town of Grecia Salentina and they save stong bonds with the Hellenic culture, both for the gastronomic traditions and religious traditions which are celebrated with frequent festivals, the well-known “sagre”, such us the very popular “Notte della Taranta”. In the historical center, perfect to host those who love organizing themselves even on holiday, since they have a comfortable kitchenette complete with everything you need. Our Historic Houses, renovated in strict respect of tradition, with vaulted ceiling in Lecce’s stone and roof with “cannizzu” and big fireplace in Lecce’s stone. They carry in the most intimate traditions of Salento. Each detail lives a new life and makes your stay unique.

Vico Ghezzi

Il complesso edilizio risalente al 1516 si caratterizza principalmente per la storicità delle incisioni presenti t...
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