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Salento is full of sign and proof of the ancient Mediterranean civilization, and a typical characterizing element the rural landscape of Salento is the Masseria. The story of Masseria Don Agostino goes back to the early 1700, by will of Don Tomaso Sambiasi from Nardò, as shown in the “cadaste onciario” of the district of Martano of 1746. The original artifact of Masseria Don Agostino is composed by “due piccoli giardinelli attaccati alla Massaria detta di Don Agostino di capacità stoppelli uno, con pochi albori di fico, seminatoria, confina esso possessione da tutti i venti, rendono in ogni anno, dedotte le spese di coltura grana quindici.
Caratteristiche strutturali e architettoniche, strutture annesse e accessori: Camini, curti, pagliari, lamie, stalle, cisterne, giardini e cortili.
Funzioni d’ uso del bene: Agricoltura.“ The term “Masseria” (or massarìa, in the cadaste onciario) identifies all the forms of settlement in countryside. With their polyhedric aptitude agro-forestry-pastoral the masseria was considered an enriching element. They were managed in direct administration and there was an owner or a farmer. They were ruled by the “massaro”, singular figure of entrepreneur, worker and manager. The Masseria of the second half of 800 is yet the expression of changed times, later, begins the exodus from the countryside and the preference for the town. In 2007 Masseria Don Agostino was bought by the current owner with the focus on giving new life to a unique and authentic place respecting its origins
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Reservation of the entire structure

Reservation of the entire structure

It’s possible to book the entire Masseria taking advantage of many services as daily clearing, change of bath and bed...
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Ideal place for eventi

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